Trying all of CT’s espresso roasters is the only way to find the best.

Today we visit Krafted Brew Lab in Bantam.

Krafted Brew Lab has multiple types of coffees and espressos.

The Bantam Blend is their standard for all espressos.

They also have a rotating single origin espressos; so we tried the moments offerings from Indonesia.

Bantam Blend

The smell of this espresso is very chocolatey, which is pleasing.

But the taste is mostly just sourness.

Some small burned toast flavor, but mostly sour.

So overall you get this hit of sourness with a chocolatey smell.
It’s not bad overall, just an odd blend.

The Rating: Bantam Blend


Rotating Single Origin Blend: Sulalwesi
This espresso is both really good and really odd.

The major taste and feel is that it is super buttery.

So much butter it’s actually weird.

There are these very strong herbaceous notes, like a potpourri.

Yet there is still a little sourness running through it.

So overall you get buttery potpourri that is a little sour.

Good, but odd.

The Rating: Sulalwesi


The Recommendation:

The espresso seems to be good quality here.

The rotating single origin could be fun to keep trying, if you live nearby.

It seems the owners really like sour tastes to the espressos, which probably informs the rotating options.

Krafted Brew Lab

Address: 725 Bantam Rd, Bantam, CT 06750
Hours: Open Thursday to Tuesday at 8:30am