Trying all the espresso roasters in Connecticut brings us to The Bean Coffee Roaster’s in Cheshire.

A cozy little place with your standard neo-hippie from the 90s smoothie bar, this place also makes breakfast sandwiches and roasts their own coffee.

Since it’s breakfast and places like this can be surprising, we grabbed a breakfast sandwich.

Egg Sandwich with Cheese and Ham on a Croissant

The croissant is actually the highlight here.

It’s very buttery and flaky.

It also completely dominates the sandwich.

The egg is fine, even with just one.

The cheese is good enough.

But the ham.

It’s the La Coix flavor equivalent of ham.

More like they stored the sandwich next to ham.

Even if you take the top of the sandwich off all you taste is croissant with a little cheese.

But no ham.

The Rating: Egg Sandwich with Cheese and Ham on a Croissant



This is what we are here for.

But once the order comes through, you start to suspect maybe they don’t actually roast espresso here.

First, the little cup is full.

Second, the liquid is a little thin.

It’s basically just coffee.

It’s probably one of the many places that just brew a dark roast coffee and try topull it thick.

What you are left with tastes something like super weak Turkish coffee.

Lots of grinds, very thin.

A slight bitterness that gets lost if you add milk to it.

It’s all the worst parts of drip coffee without the best parts of espresso.

The Rating: Espresso


The Bean Coffee Roaster’s

Address: 118 S Main St, Cheshire, CT 06410
Hours: Weekdays: 7AM-3PM
Weekends: 8AM–2PM