On the search for the best coffee roasters in Connecticut, as well as the best espresso in Connecticut, brings us to Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea in New Haven.

It seems like all of a sudden Connecticut has dozens and dozens of coffee roasters.

And we’re gonna try them all.

But, I don’t like coffee.

But I do like espresso.

A lot.

And espresso is just another way of roasting the same beans.

Many places will have 10, 20, 30 different roasts of coffee.

Yet only 1 espresso.

So hopefully, they are going to put their all into it.

For each espresso, we’ll try it plain and then with a little milk (whatever their smallest espresso+milk drink would be, like a cappuccino or cortado or macchiato.

At Willoughby’s, the smallest we get is a cappuccino.

First, the espresso here has a slight chemical taste to it.

There is a little flavor of toasted bread, but when mixed with the chemical taste it starts to taste like slightly burned overly-processed bread.

The espresso is also very thin, which means when added to milk it gets heavily overshadowed and the only lingering flavors are the slight chemical slightly burned bread.

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Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea

New Haven Location

Address: 258 Church Street (Corner Grove), New Haven, CT

Phone: (203) 777-7400

Branford Location

Address: 550 E. Main St. Branford, CT

Phone: (203) 481-1700

Madison Location

Address: 752 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT
Phone: (203) 245-1600