On the search for the best coffee roaster and best espresso roaster in Connecticut brings us to Winfield Street Coffee in Stamford and Westport.

I was at first concerned because the smells here are all very mild.

The shop doesn’t smell much like coffee.

The espresso doesn’t have a strong smell to it.

I thought this would just be plain.

I was wrong.

The flavor of the espresso is very unique.

Sometimes you hear about an espresso having ‘berry’ flavors; but it’s kind of a stretch.

Not here.

The dominant flavor in this espresso is basically raspberry.

You have to drink it to see for yourself (straight first).

It is, in short, a damn fine espresso.

One of the best in CT.

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Winfield Street Coffee

Address: 96 Broad St, Stamford, CT 06901
Hours: Open everyday at 7AM