You know why I do this?

Because most other food reviewers in Connecticut just can’t be trusted.

They review restaurants they haven’t been to.

They have employees send in nominations to “reader’s polls”.

And everyone seems to rate any restaurant they like as 5/5 stars.

This problem is evident everywhere, and a good example is Noujaim’s Bistro in Winsted.

Winner of numerous awards, including last years AND this year’s ‘Expert Picks’ for Mediterranean food from Connecticut Magazine (here and here).

So the falafel should be excellent, right?


It’s just, so, dry.

The falafel balls themselves are incredibly dry.

They lack any sort of crust on the outside.

While the inside has a decent enough flavor, they are just so dry.

In the wrap you are bombarded with lettuce, which doesn’t help, and a bland tahini sauce.

The few tomatoes and cucumbers are all that add a drople of moisture.

The parsley is an odd touch as well.

The best part is actually the bread, does not make for a good situation.

I have no idea how this place is rated so high.

But to spare you the trip out to Winsted for this thoroughly disappointing falafel, is why I keep up these reviews.

The Rating:


Noujaim’s Bistro

Address: 436 Main St, Winsted, CT 06098
Hours: Thursday Friday and Saturday 5pm to 9pm

Closed Sunday through Wednesday