On the search for the best fine dining in Connecticut brings us to Present Company in Simsbury.

We went with the tasting menu, which is a chance to try (supposedly) the best of what a restaurant has to offer.

Note that because this is a tasting menu the foods will likely change season to season and year to year.

Charcoal Grilled Porchetta
The porchetta itself is rather plain and overshadowed by the bitterness of endive.

It’s further lost in a sour sauce, lacking the expected char.

Overall, a pretty disappointing start.

The Rating: Charcoal Grilled Porchetta


Yellowtail Carpaccio
The fish is buttery but lacks distinct flavor, making it hard to taste.

Overpowered by a sauce with a heavy ginger kick.

That is two dishes right off the bat where the sauce overpowers the meat.

The Rating: Yellowtail Carpaccio


Here, sadly, we run out of pictures.

If anything was worth coming back for, I’d go back just for the photos.

The food is plated wonderfully, but as you will see read, flavor-wise it isn’t anything great.

Tonka Bean Brulee
This creme brulee was fine.

The custard had an unusual chemical-like cinnamon flavor.

Like a robot tried to make cinnamon in a lab.

The burned sugar on top is nice, but overall the dish doesn’t impress much.
Rating: 6/10

Pork Belly
The pork is deep-fried and a bit stringy, paired with a slightly over-easy quail egg.

It was fine overall. Texture was a little off, due to the stringiness.

It came with a side salad, which honestly was the nicest part because it balanced the heavy flavors well.
Rating: 6.5/10

Duo of Duck
Features both a duck breast and an oil-poached thigh.
While the breast is just fine, the thigh offers good flavor, complemented by excellent Brussels sprouts.
Rating: 7/10

Braised Short Rib
The short ribs are delicate and covered with a sweet sauce, contrasting with the almost sour grape mist.
However, the veggies are unusually al dente, creating an odd juxtaposition with the tender meat.
Rating: 7/10

So overall, the food at Present Company was unimpressive.

B food at A prices.

Nothing was bad, but nothing was worth coming back for.

And the cooking quality ranged too much for a fine dining restaurant.

If we are looking for fine dining that tastes great, we will have to look elsewhere.

Present Company Restaurant

Address: 2 Tunxis Rd, Tariffville, CT 06081
Hours: Sunday & Monday Closed

Tuesday through Thursday 5pm to 9pm
Friday and Saturday 5pm to 10pm

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