On the search for the best french toast in Connecticut brings us to The Corner Brunch in Milford.

It is difficult to figure out the name of this place.

The Corner?

The Corner Restaurant?

The Corner Brunch (only on weekends)?

Whatever it’s name, it is in Milford, and was rumored to have some pretty amazing french toast.

It’s possible the french toast people are raving about is the stuffed french toast.

Because the regular french toast, is okay.

When you see it, your first thought is “Oh, they made this on hot dog buns”.

I know it is french bread, but it looks exactly like opened up hot dog buns.

Not a bad thing, just a thing.

But when you taste them, they taste like hot dog buns.

Extremely buttered hot dog buns.

Again, not a bad thing, but nothing amazing either.

French toast should want maple syrup on it, not require it.

The Rating:



Address: 105 River St, Milford, CT 06460
Open Everyday

Phone: (203) 882-1150