ABC has some pretty decent burgers, and I’ve suggested the Triple B burger may be among the best of them.

But their best menu item isn’t a burger at all.

They have possibly the best fried mac and cheese in Connecticut.

The fried mac n cheese bites are excellent.

They are perfectly crispy on the outside, almost crunchy.

The mac & cheese on the inside is actually very good.

Sometimes places will skimp out on the mac and cheese because it’s gonne get deep fried.

Not here.

There is also a nice dusting of parmesan cheese, which adds to the cheesiness.

Also, the dipping sauce isn’t dipping sauce.

It’s tomato soup (technically tomato bisque).

Tomato soup that is good enough to eat as soup if you wanted.

The whole thing is wonderful.

The Rating:


Address: 1436 Pleasant Valley Rd, Manchester, CT 06042
Open Daily at 12pm
Phone: (860) 644-0046