Al’s Hot Dogs is a cash only shack in Naugatuck that serves up okay hot dogs but very good french fries.

Onion rings
Because every shack should serve up amazing onion rings, we have to try them here.

Unfortunately, these were only just fine.

The rings are heavily breaded, almost too heavily.

There is a slight Fronion taste to these, a bit more than you really want.

Just fine.

The Rating: Onion Rings


Hot dog w chili
The dog itself is nice, very salty and grilled.

They are also footlongs by default.

The bun is nice, nothing much else to report.

The chili is very heavy on tomato flavor but without any real hint of chili powder.

The whole thing is perfectly good.

The Rating: Hot Dog with Chili



Here are the actual star of the show at Al’s.

The fries have a nice coating on them.

Almost like a second fry layer.

They are nicely thick without being too fat.

Well fried without being burned or soggy.

Very good.

The Rating: Fries


Al’s hot dogs

Address: 248 S Main St, Naugatuck, CT 06770
Hours: Sunday 11am to 4pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm