On the search for the best Fried Chicken in Connecticut brings us to Pampi’s Jamaican Restaurant in Hartford.

Fry Chicken

Fry chicken, as they call it here, is available either on its own or as a platter.

First, the problems.

It’s fairly obvious that the fried chicken is cooked and then kept under a heat lamp until ordered.

This isn’t a problem on it’s own, but it leaves the skin with a rubbery texture.

That, plus the hot but not super hot serving temperature suggests heat lamp.

I’ve also never been a fan of fried chicken that is cut up in-between the bones (instead of at the joint) like a madman attacked it with a cleaver, but that is more personal preference.

The downside with that approach is it leaves the between-bone gristle in the middle of bites instead of at the ends.

But the flavor?

The flavor is wonderful.

There is something earthy, like tumeric, that is simply addictive.

The breading also has a spiciness like scotch bonnet pepper that keeps things extra interesting.

So overall, wonderful flavor, but the cooking and chopping could be improved.

If it was, that would make this a challenger for among the best fried chicken in CT.

The Rating: Fry Chicken


Pampi’s Jamaican Restaurant

Address: 1037 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT 06112
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday to Thursday 8am to 9pm
Friday to Saturday 8am to 10pm