On the search for the best pizza in Connecticut brings us to Pizza House in New Haven.

Pizza House
This pizzeria was recommended based on our investigation into who invented the medium-thick crust pan greek-style pizza seen in CT (results here).

As a reminder, greek-style pizza is not a greek pizza with feta on it, but is a style of pizza invented here in CT, in New London, in the 1950s, cooked in a circular pan instead of directly on the oven stone.

Pizza with Pepperoni and roasted peppers


This is probably the best example of Greek-style pizza I’ve had.

The medium-crust is super crunchy and truly excellent.

The roasted peppers aren’t great but the Pepperoni is fine.

Also, this Greek style pizza doesn’t get soggy quickly, unlike many other Greek-style pizzas.

Overall an excellent pizza; just be careful with your toppings.

The Rating:


Pizza House

Address: 89 Howe St, New Haven, CT 06511
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday through Saturday 11am to 10:30pm