On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to Coyote Flaco in Hartford and Mansfield.

Coyote Flaco has been making the rounds recently, let’s see if it is worth it.

We only had a brief amount of time, so couldn’t try ever taco.

BUT, as you will see, this is a place worth coming back to.

So we got the Chorizo taco and the Steak taco.

Chorizo Taco

This has a very good flavor, very good.

The problem is the texture.

I’m not one of those texture over taste people, but the chorizo is very gristly.

It makes it unpleasant, like chewing collagen.

The Rating: Chorizo Taco


Steak Taco

Generously filled with well-spiced meat and veggies.

The steak is excellent, really a standout.

The Rating: Steak Taco


Now normally that would be it. I would say this is a good taco place, nothing spectacular.

Probably highlight the steak taco as something to try if you find yourself here.

But there is something else that requires attention.

Green Salsa

The real standout of Coyote Flaco is a jalapeno crema salsa.

I was pouring it over everything I could once i tried it.

It is spicy, make no mistake.

But it is so good I will be coming back to try everything they have as long as they give that salsa.

The Rating: Green Salsa


Coyote Flaco
Address: 635 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06106
50 Higgins Hwy, Mansfield, CT 06250

Hartford Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday through Thursday Noon to 9pm
Friday & Saturday Noon to 9:30pm

Mansfield Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday through Saturday 4pm to 9pm

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