On the search for the best breakfast in Connecticut brings us to Doro Marketplace in West Hartford.

Now while this place is a bakery and does have lots of breakfast options, it is also open through dinner.

So we have been back to try the famous Rotisserie Chicken as well.

Therefore, the review will bounce back and forth between breakfast options and dinner options.

Mac and Cheese
This was a side option with the Rotisserie Chicken.

It was heavy on cheese but surprisingly mild in flavor, lacking depth.

It’s a basic rendition that doesn’t quite hit the mark, no different in flavor than boxed.
The Rating: Mac & Cheese


New Britain Avenue Sandwich
Combining sausage, two eggs, chili aioli, and arugula, the mix is odd, especially for a breakfast sandwich.

Arugula doesn’t belong on breakfast sandwiches, bitterness is not the first thing you want to start your day.

While each of the components is fine, the overall combination doesn’t stand out.

The Rating: New Britain Avenue Sandwich


Chocolate Chip Cookie
The cookie is undercooked, with a dough that’s lacking in salt and butter.

This leads to an imbalanced chocolate-to-dough ratio, where it is more chocolate chips/chunks than anything else.

It’s good, but the potential for greatness is missed.

The Rating: Chocolate Chip Cookie


Oreo Croissant
An odd combination of Bavarian cream with Oreo pieces.

Then, of course, is the greenish-black croissant.

While this tastes authentically like Oreo, the croissant itself lacks distinct flavor.

But the authentic Oreo flavor means this things tastes like waking up and reaching for a bag of Oreos for breakfast.

The Rating: Oreo Croissant


Lemon Meringue Bombolini
The meringue lacks flavor, but the lemon curd is mild and pleasing.

The dough is on the tougher side, making for a good, but not great, pastry.

The Rating: Lemon Meringue Bombolini


Rotisserie Chicken

I mean, it’s Rotisserie Chicken.

Which is a good thing! They have taken a standard rotisserie and added herbs.

So it is good but nothing extraordinary.

Not that different from what you would pick up in your local grocery store.

The Rating: Rotisserie Chicken


Ham and Cheese Croissant
A heavyweight croissant with excellent creamy cheese, possibly Emmentaler.

The croissant is crunchy and enjoyable, with the ham adding subtle flavor and body.

The croissant is EXTREMELY flaky, so be aware of that.

And the toasted sesame seeds may not be for everyone.

But first thing in the morning, biting into one of these, with it’s hearty flavor, will keep you coming back.

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The Rating: Ham and Cheese Croissant


In summary, Doro Marketplace presents a mixed bag, with the Ham and Cheese Croissant emerging as the highlight.

Doro Marketplace

Address: 1253 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110
Hours: open everyday 7am to 8pm

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