Warning: No pictures here. These were some of the first things I reviewed and I didn’t save the pictures (except posted them to instagram, here


On the search for the best burger in Connecticut, as well as a spicy chicken sandwich, leads us to Haywire Burger Bar in Westbrook.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
Not bad. The taste was untraditional as it was almost empty of cayenne and very focused on Sriracha hot sauce. There were inexplicably tomatoes & peppers all over the place, but at least it came on traditional white bread. Think of it like a Sriracha chicken sandwich, instead of a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. and you’ll be okay.
The Rating: Nashville Hot chicken Sandwich


Their regular french fries were completely ordinary, luckily they have other options.

Waffle fries
Standard waffle fries, good breading. A little chewy and underspiced for waffle fries
The Rating: Waffle Fries


Zucchini fries
Nice well fried zucchini fries means these don’t go soggy but stay nice and crisp.
The Rating: Zucchini Fries


Haywire Burger
Why not go for the namesake? The burgers here are huge, meaty, and cooked exactly right. This burger came with carmelized onions, chipotle sauce (aioli), and bacon. The chipotle is both too mild and there’s too much of it. The onions were more sauteed, not carmelized. Bacon was perfect. Despite these seeming complaints, the burger overall was great.
The Rating: Haywire Burger


The recommendation: stick with burgers here. The beef is excellent and cooked perfectly. There are enough options to keep anyone coming back. Sub out your fries for something else interesting.

Haywire Burger Bar

Address: 730 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT 06498

Hours: Monday-Thursday 4pm-9pm

Friday-Sunday: 12pm-9pm