With hot chocolate season in full swing, we are going to try all the notable hot chocolates we can in Connecticut. Today, we try the hot chocolate from Kent Coffee & Chocoalte Co. in Kent.

Honestly, this place was mostly an absolute bust.

Despite the name, this place neither makes it own coffee and I’m pretty sure they don’t make their own chocolates either.

The hot chocolate was nothing great.

Fairly standard, to be honest.
I was hoping for more, but that’s the takeaway from this place.

Fairly standard everything.

The hot chocolate tastes like a mix of hot Cocoa and hot chocolate, there is no real body to it.

I mean it’s still good, there’s just nothing spectacular or surprising.

We can find better.

The Rating:


Kent Coffee & Chocolate Co.

Address: 45 N Main St, Kent, CT 06757
Hours: Sunday 8am to 5pm
Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm