On the search for the best hot dog in Connecticut brings us to Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

You can’t do a rundown of the best hot dogs in Connecticut without addressing Super Duper Weenie.

The problem is, the dogs are good.

That’s it.


Nothing spectacular, nothing worth driving from far away to get.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a good hot dog.

But they make some very weird design choices.

If you grew up nearby and kept eating here do you probably thinks it’s the best?


If you’ve been going here for years and have tried a bunch of different of their specialty dogs do you probably have one you think is best?


But a hot dog place cannot live on that one dog you have special nostalgic feelings for.

French Fries with Salt & Pepper

The salt and pepper on the fries is very nice.

It adds some flavor to an otherwise completely dull fry.

The fries are crisp, and not overly breaded.

But they are kind of flat.

They get soggy immediately and dont have much flavor to them.

Good overall, but not great.

The Rating: French Fries with Salt and Pepper


Hot Dog with Chili and Spicy relish

The main event.

First, at Super Duper Weenie they split the dogs down the middle and griddle them.

That’s good.

But they only do one side, leaving the top-side of the dog mushy and ungriddled.

Then they do the same thing with the bun.

Split it, grill the inside, but leave the outside untouched.

It’s an odd deliberate choice.

The chili isn’t bad, and the spicy relish has a little heat.

Maybe not the best toppings, but the toppings aren’t what does this dog in.

Everything gets soggy.

The dog, which is big and meaty, has no crispness to its outside layer (the ungriddled side).

So as you bite occasionally it slips out, pushing your toppings out the far end.

The top and outside of the bun likewise get soggy because of it’s ungriddled-ness.

It’s a good dog overall flavor-wise, but there is better.

The Rating: Hot Dog


Super Duper Weenie

Address: 306 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825
Hours: Open everyday 11am to 4pm