Since it’s the Hot Dog Days of Summer, we are highlighting as many hot dogs as we reasonably can.

Today, Dogtown in Milford.

Two different dogs today.

The standard, and a crazy one.

Devil dog

Chipotle mayo, chili, Banana peppers, bacon, cheese.

Neither of the buns are grilled, which isn’t great as the buns get soggy quickly.

The dogs, however, are split and griddled, which is nice.

On the devil dog, there is an ungodly amount of mayo, and a silly amount of bacon.

So that’s basically what you taste, bacon dipped in mayo.

Once you get past that, the flavors of the rest of the creation meld together nicely.

Good overall.

Regular dog with chili and Hot Relish

There is some great flavor here from the dog,

The chili is mostly just a slightly saucy ground beef.

The hot pepper relish is heavy on pepper and light on bite.

The problem with the dog is the skin is very chewy, which is a little odd.

So the great flavor you get here is from the dog, but with a chewy skin.

The Rating: Devil Dog


The Rating: Hot Dog with Chili and Hot Pepper Relish


The Recommendation: try to get something that highlights the dog itself. That’s where the real flavor is.


Address: 664 New Haven Ave, Milford, CT 06460
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday 11am to 4pm
Thursday to Saturday 11am to 8pm