You know those carton’s of milk in CT with a cow on the front called ‘Farmer’s Cow’?

That’s a dairy place in CT!

And they make ice cream, out in Mansfield Center.

We asked for their very best ice cream, and here is what they put forward:

Cappuccino crunch

Very light coffee flavor.

Almost like if you ordered an extra extra large latte with 1 shot of espresso, then added lots of sugar.

That, but cold.

The ice cream itself is extremely icy.

It’s missing that creaminess and thick consistency.

There is supposedly something crunchy in here too, but it barely registers.

That could be from bad storage, will see if it affects other flavors too.

The Rating: Cappuccino Crunch


Purple cow (raspberry chip)

Super icy again, which is a bad sign.

This time there is at least a deeper flavor of raspberries.

The chocolate chips are very good, and there is a decent amount of them.

So that helps.

The Rating: Purple Cow


Overall: The ice cream is far too icy and light on flavor. They’ve got some good chocolate chips, so if you find yourself here focus on something with lots of those. Otherwise, keep looking.

Farmer’s Cow Calfe

Address: 86 Storrs Rd, Mansfield Center, CT 06250
Hours: Sunday 9am to 6pm
Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm