One of the many Ice Cream Parlors that make their own ice cream, UCONN Dairy Bar in Storrs is a Connecticut staple.

photo taken from UCONN’s website

We’ve tried a few different flavors here a few different times.

Everything is good, but nothing is truly breathtaking.

I think what happens is this many young people’s first exposure to a dairy farm ice cream.

So that mystique elevates the ice cream in people’s minds.

They think it is better than it is.

As there are so many UCONN students, over half of who remain living in CT after graduation (factsheet), the alum ‘spread the word’.

In fact, while UCONN dairy bar is good, there are better dairy farm ice creams around.

And we will find them.


The chocolate ice cream is perfectly fine.

The ice cream is exceptionally thick, but there are lots of little ice crystals throughout, which can get distracting.

The flavor is mostly that of dark cocoa, so if that’s your thing you’ll be happy.

The Rating: Chocolate


Mint Oreo

This one is wild.

The flavor is that of mint leaves.

Not mint flavor like we are always used to, but mint leaves.

The oreos are well dispersed throughout, but that mint gets overwhelming.

The Rating: Mint Oreo


Coffee espresso chip

This ice cream is for espresso lovers, not coffee lovers.

It doesn’t have the usual drip coffee-with-extra-cream-and-sugar flavor.

The chocolate covered espresso beans are also huge and add to the espresso flavor.

The ice cream is somehow extra thick and extra air-whipped, so it’s an odd texture.

Overall, this has more bitter than sweet flavors you would expect from ice cream, but not more than you’d want.

The Rating: Coffee Espresso Chip


Overall: The ingredients that they use here are all natural. If it’s chocolate, you’ll get cocoa. If it’s mint, you’ll get mint leaves.

It doesn’t taste like any artificial flavors are used.

So when making your selections, keep that in mind.

The ice cream will taste as it is advertised, not as you may be used to it tasting.

UCONN Dairy Bar

Address: 17 Manter Rd #4263, Storrs, CT 06269
Hours: Sunday 11am to 9pm
Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 9pm