On the search for the best fried chicken in Connecticut brings us to Craig’s Kitchen in Vernon.

All of the meals come with two sides. Which is very luck for you when you find out some of the best food here is the sides.

Red beans and rice

A classic of southern cooking, red beans and rice are spiced rice covered in slow cooked kidney beans in sauce.

Of what we tasted, this was the weakest thing here.

And it’s still very very good.

The rice is a bit lighter on flavor than you want, but the beans are soft in a delicious sauce.

Overall, very good

The Rating: Red Beans & Rice


Fried chicken

What we came for.

The fried chicken has an amazing skin and crust.

Big sections of skin gets crumpled up together, leading to big bites of just deep fry.

The breading is nicely seasoned. Just so good.

The only downside is the chicken is a little less meaty than you want.

Not skinny by a long shot, just not as meaty.

Still, amazing.

The Rating: Fried Chicken


But your meal comes with two sides.

Mac and cheese

This is without a doubt the best Mac & Cheese I’ve tasted.

The entire thing is basically cheese crust.

It’s like the mac and cheese is wrapped in cheese before baking.

Multiple cheeses blend together well.

Honestly, an amazing example of mac & cheese.

The Rating: Mac & Cheese


Craig’s Kitchen

Address: 13 W Main St, Vernon, CT 06066
Hours: Sunday 11am to 7pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 8pm