I can’t explain what brought me to Cafe Busy Bean.

They don’t roast their own coffee, so it’s not part of my effort to find the best espresso.

As far as I can tell, they haven’t won any major awards either.

So imagine my shock when I end up in Berlin at a little cafe, ordering a Marochino.

What is a Marocchino, you may ask?

A cappuccino with cocoa powder, essentially.

Maybe that’s what brought me here, an unusual drink.

The flavor of the marocchino is good, but the espresso is watery.

The overall taste is that of generic (weak) espresso with minimal chocolate flavor.

That’s because they use coca powder, as is traditional, which also doesn’t add anything.

Overall? not bad.

The Rating:


Cafe Busy Bean

Address: 355 Main St, Berlin, CT 06037
Hours: Open Everyday until 6pm

Phone: (860) 801-6350