Trying all Fine Dining Restaurants in Connecticut brings us to Millwrights Restaurant and Tavern in Simsbury.

We opted for the tasting menu, to see exactly what Millwright’s had to offer.

They say the tasting menu changes very frequently, so what we review now may not be on the menu anymore.

Still, a tasting menu is a restaurant’s time to shine their abilities.
Let’s see what they can do.
Raw Salmon Crudo

The meal started with a raw salmon crudo, which is a little redundant because crudo implied raw fish in sauce.

The red sauce is spicy, but the salmon came at room temperature, making it an odd sensation.

There was a plum sauce with jalapenos, which was also good but again, odd.

There was also some scotch bonnet pepper (similar to hanabero) which provided a tasty flavor without much heat.

Overall, the whole dish was nice, but nothing breathtaking.

The Rating: Salmon Crudo


Salmon in Potato Chowder and Spicy Sausage Ragu

The salmon has heavy fish flavor to it, which isn’t great.

But the crisped skin is excellent.

The potato chowder underneath is mild and doesn’t add much.

Little dollops of sausage seem out of place but don’t detract.

The pickled onions really pop.

Nice overall

The Rating: Salmon in Potato Chowder and Spicy Sausage Ragu


Wagyu Brisket in a Mustard Saffron sauce

I was really looking forward to this one.

The problem is everything is underseasoned, even the brisket!

The mustard is super mild and barely noticeale.

The most powerful flavor is actually the little bits of cabbage!

Overall, maybe this isn’t the best use of wagyu.

The Rating: Wagyu Brisket in a Mustard Saffron sauce


Brownbutter Gnocchi

Butternut squash chunks are also in there, which is nice.

This dish was a little light on flavor overall.

There was a bit too much sour flavor, as though there was an extra-heavy handed squeeze of lemon juice.

The gnocchi was cooked well and delicate without being gummy, which was nice.

The Rating: Brownbutter Gnocchi


Chocolate Cake with Biscoff fluff

Flavor-wise, it’s pretty solid.

The cake is unfortunately far too dry.

Which is disappointing because the flavor is there and very good.

The Biscoff fluff, being fluff, doesn’t help too much with the dryness.

It was a nice ending to the meal, but wouldn’t order it again.

The Rating: Chocolate Cake with Biscoff fluff


Overall: Everything here was good.

The problem is, nothing was great.

I wouldn’t go back for any of the dishes I had, and for each dish there was something off.

Either dry or underseasoned or just odd.

Everything good, nothing great.

Millwright’s Restaurant and Tavern

Address: 77 West St, Simsbury, CT 06070
Hours: Sunday 5pm to 7:30pm
Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday & Thursday 5pm to 8:30pm
Friday & Saturday 5pm to 9pm