There are lots of places that could have the best ice cream in Connecticut…let’s try them all.

We-Li-Kit Ice Cream is in Pomfret Center, could be one of them.

We-Li-Kit | Roadfood
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We had four different flavors here.

All were pretty good.

Chipmunk tracks

The vanilla ice cream that is the base of this is completely falvorless.

That hurts.

The peanut butter swirl lends a hint of peanut butter throughout.

Whole m&m’s add big bursts of flavor from an ice cream lacking it.

The Rating: Chipmunk Tracks


Cricket Crunch

Mint cookies mixed in vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips.

Despite the greenness, there is actually only a subtle mint flavor to this ice cream.

The Rating: Cricket Crunch



A light flavor on this one too.

The Strawberry flavor is good when you can catch it.

More than almost any other ice cream, this one was super thick.

The Rating: Strawberry



Chocolate ice cream with oreos and a fudge switrl mixed in.

This ice cream is chock full of oreo cookies.

Big, massive chunks of cookie.

The chocolate flavor of the ice cream is very nice, like a high quality milk chocolate.

I couldn’t get much fudge swirl, maybe it is incorporated in and adds to the chocolatey taste.

Overall, everything is good.

The Rating: Mud


The Recommendation:

The ice cream is super thick, if maybe a bit icey. go when it is super hot so the slight melting of the ice cream can take care of some of the iciness.

The flavors of the ice creams are light, so go for a base like chocolate, and make sure things are mixed in.

And if there is a ‘swirl’, expect ti to be a subtle flavor added throughout instead of a river of flavor.

We-Li-Kit Ice Cream

Address: 728 Hampton Road, Pomfret Center, CT 06259

Hours: Open everyday noon-7pm