On the search for the best Nachos in Connecticut brings us to Salsas 4 Taqueria in Newington.

We actually came here looking for tlayuda, a Oaxacan dish that likely inspired Taco Bell’s mexican pizza.

But in the process, found some of the best nachos in the area.
All of the tacos are double shelled but can be pulled apart, and are mostly just meat, onion and cilantro.

Which is how i should be.

Let’s see how the food stacks up.

Al Pastor Taco
Starting on a less impressive note, the Al Pastor Taco was a bit of a letdown.

The meat was overcooked and dry, although the pineapple did add a nice touch.

Overall, just okay.

The Rating: Al Pastor Taco


Short-Rib Taco
The Short-Rib Taco also fell short of expectations.

Surprisingly, the meat was underwhelming in flavor, which is unusual for short ribs.

Just fine, nothing great.

The Rating: Short-Rib Taco


Tlayuda (Carne Asada)
Moving on to the Tlayuda, a large fried tortilla loaded with Oaxaca cheese, steak, and veggies.

This one is folded over like a calzone.

It offered a full meal experience with a pleasant char flavor and a creamy filling.

Lots of veggies kept things a little interesting.

Nothing spectacular, but solid all around.

The Rating: Tlayuda (Carne Asada)


Ribeye Taco
The Ribeye Taco was a step up.

This taco has well-flavored meat and sautéed onions that complemented each other perfectly.

If you are feeling tacos, this is the one to try.

The Rating: Ribeye Taco


The highlight of our visit were the nachos.

Despite usual reservations about melted cheese sauce (instead of cheese, melted), these were exceptional.

So many toppings and crisply executed chips.

The pickled jalapeños provided a persistent heat that kept the dish exciting.

The Rating: Nachos


In conclusion, while Salsas 4 Taqueria had some hits and misses, the nachos alone are worth a visit, offering a delightful mix of textures and flavors that elevate the typical nacho experience.

Salsas 4 Taqueria
Address: 2434 Berlin Tpke # 3, Newington, CT 06111
Hours: Monday Closed
Tuesday through Sunday 11am to 10pm

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