Came for the BBQ, which was sparse, but surprised by the onion rings at Cool Hand Duke’s in New Milford.

I heard of a BBQ place in the charming village of New Milford.

But it isn’t really a BBQ place. The BBQ options are severely limited.

It’s more of a burger pub than anything.

So we tried it all!

Pulled pork

Thankfully, Cool Hand Duke’s isn’t a BBQ place.

The pulled pork is bland on its own. Even the bark is bland

The flavor is smoky, but in an overpowering not great way.

The BBQ sauce is very good and is desperately needed.

But BBQ can’t live by sauce alone.

The Rating: Pulled Pork


Okay, not a good BBQ place, but as I said it is supposed to be more of a burger pub.

The mac and cheese and onion rings are supposedly good here, but you only get 1 side with a burger.

Luckily, one of the burgers has mac and cheese on it!

Greed is Good Burger

Mac and cheese, onion frizzels, bacon.

Whoever recommended the Mac and cheese in crazy. It isn’t even that good.

It’s certainly not in the level of the best mac and cheese in CT.

It’s just plain.

The onion frizzles are fine.

The meat is good I guess.

See, not a glowing review.

Really, the worst part is the bun; it’s soo gummy that I actually had to set it aside.

The Rating: Greed is Good Burger


Thankfully, burgers come with a side.

Onion rings

Heavily Spiced and flavorful.

Just look at that picture, you can see the spices in the batter!

Thick, heavy onion.

Just excellent.

The only downside is they get too salty after a while.

But since there are a bunch, you can share!

The Rating: Onion Rings


Cool Hand Duke’s

Address: 30 Railroad St, New Milford, CT 06776
Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11:30am to 9pm
Friday 11:30am to midnight
Saturday 11:30am to 10pm