While searching for the best BBQ in Connecticut, we stumbled across some truly amazing onion rings at Smokin’ With Chris in Southington.

We’ve tried quite a few things here, with the BBQ being mostly, okay.

There are some bright spots, however.


The Ribs aren’t one of the good things though.

Thoroughly unimpressive.

Tough and not meaty at all.

The sauce is extremely sweet, but there isn’t really anything else on offer from these.

The Rating: Ribs



Chopped brisket which ends up being a little dry.

The taste has an unnatural chemical taste.

The bites with the default bbq sauce are good, but it is still chewy.

The Rating: Brisket


Pulled pork

The pork itself is very juicy.

There is very little bark, but the meat itself is good.

There is an odd aftertaste which diminishes it a little bit.

The sauces are fine, and the sandwich is good with slaw on it.

Overall, getting better.

The Rating: Pulled Pork


Burnt ends (Pork Rib Tips)

Smokin’ with Chris offers three different types of Burnt Ends: Pork Belly, Beef Brisket, and Pork Rib Tips.

This is where the meat starts to get really good.

The bark is excellent, crispy but breaks apart nicely.

The meat is a little tough, but overall really good stuff.

Definitely will be looking forward to trying the other Burnt Ends.

The Rating: Burnt Ends (Pork Rib Tips)


So maybe not the best BBQ place in CT, but when you order you get some sides.

And here is where Smokin’ with Chris shines…

Onion rings

The onion rings are nearly perfect.

When you think of the ideal onion rings, these are close to what you are thinking about.

Well cooked and seasoned exterior. They don’t get too salty but keep their crispness.

The flavor is that of onion, not Fronions like at some places.

Really just nearly perfect; if there are better onion rings out there, I’m not sure I’ve had them.

The Rating: Onion Rings