On the search for the best pizza in Connecticut brings us to Park Lane Pizza in West Hartford.

Everyone is all about apizza-style pizza in Connecticut.

Which is wonderful, and I love it.

But Connecticut invented Greek-style pizza (investigation underway), and sometimes it can be great.

Enter Park Lane Pizza.

The crust here is thick and crispy, the way Greek-style pan pizza should be.

Sometimes bad Greek-style pizza can be soggy because the pans are over-oiled and crust cooked until just barely done.

Not here.

The sauce is sweet, with plenty of umami flavor.

The cheese is heavy and applied liberally.

The only downside really is that to get the crust crispy and prevent that oily sogginess the pizza has to stay in the oven a bit longer than normal.

This means if there are no toppings, the cheese on top can get a little burnt (burned?).

So make sure to order toppings.

Pepperoni does particularly well on top, and the mushrooms are applied liberally too.

This may be the best Greek-style pizza in Connecticut.

The Rating:


Park Lane Pizza

Address: 337 Park Rd. West Hartford, CT 06119

Hours: Open everyday 11am-10pm


Phone: (860) 233-4429

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