A new Spanish and Tapas restaurant has opened in West Hartford, let’s take a look.

We have been here twice now, both times trying the small bites.

Condo de Queso y Embutidos

This is basically the world’s smallest charcuterie.

Some meat and cheese and grapes in a paper cone.

The presentation feels lacking, barely offering a taste of each of the foods.

The prosciutto still had the skin on, diminishing the overall experience.

This is something to pass on.

The Rating: Condo de Queso y Embutidos



Pork and beef meatballs.

The texture is somewhat dry overall.

The sauce is unremarkable, but the cheese adds a nice touch.

Overall, it’s an average dish.

The Rating: Albondigas


Pimientos de Padron

Padron peppers, which in this case are actually shishito peppers.

Simple preparation with just flaked sea salt.

These aren’t cooked right, as there isn’t a proper blistering.

This leads to a more rubbery tecture.

Enjoyable, but not outstanding.

The Rating: Pimientos de Padron


Bacon Wrapped Dates

A nice blend of flavors, though the dates overpower slightly.

Blue cheese is a subtle addition, but there’s not enough bacon.

Rating: Bacon Wrapped Dates


Croquetas de Jamon

Ham croquettes, deep fried, on top of a quince paste.

Crispy outside with a deliciously smooth inside.

Quince paste underneath adds a delightful contrast of sweetness.

A standout dish, compared to the other disappointments on the menu.

The Rating: Croquetas de Jamon



It’s actually pretty good.

The cheese is all crispy, like the manchego was too big and fell onto the griddle.

It’s basically a slider, but a pretty tasty version.

The Rating: Slider


Patatas Bravas


The potatoes themselves are well-prepared.

There is an excess of mayo on top, overpowering the dish.

There is also an excess of sauce underneath.

But the potatoes in the middle are just right.

The tomato sauce lacks uniqueness, tasting almost like canned Goya sauce.

But still, it is very tasty.

Rating: Patatas Bravas


Overall, Boqueria offers a mixed bag of Spanish-inspired dishes. While some leave more to be desired, that is all.


Address: 46 S Main St, West Hartford, CT 06107
Hours: Sunday 11am to 10 PM

Monday to Saturday 11:30am to midnight