Nana’s Bakery & Pizza. What a place.

Nana’s seems to be first and foremost a bakery.

So the bread they use is all sourdough and all homemade, but they use it in everything.

Pizza crust? sourdough.

Donuts? sourdough.

It’s a good thing, because they know what they are doing.

Everything we tried here is good to very good, so it’s a safe place to have a fun meal.


Espresso, dark chocolate, chile de arbol.

Yes, this is a super fancy spicy mocha.

It’s also quite spicy, especially for a drink.

The spice hits you in the back of the throat, and warms you up quickly.

The chocolate is bittersweet and at most adds just a touch of sweetness.

What’s nice is that through it all you can still taste the espresso.

It’s a good thing to try once.

The Rating: Oaxaca


Wild Mushroom Pizza

Sourdough crust, cream, parmesan, thyme, and cheese.

I’m normally morally opposed to white pies, but this is very good.

Lots of oil (truffle oil) and some garlic make a nice base for the pizza.

The real star are the mushrooms, which really shine through.

Very good.

The Rating: Wild Mushroom Pizza


Dark Chocolate Donut

This one is destined to be polarizing.

I think it is real good.

Again, the donuts are made from sourdough, so they are breadier than normal.

But they are still super soft and super light.

After flash frying, the chocolate donut is heavily dusted with a dark bitter chocolate.

The outcome is a light but bready donut that is a little dry.

But the flavor is just delightful.

The Rating: Dark Chocolate Donut


Pepperoni Pizza

This one was a surprise.

You don’t often think the best thing you are going to try is pre-cooked pizza that is thrown back in the oven by the slice.

But here we are.

The dough is again sourdough but this has the consistency of a focaccia.

The pepperoni is nice, and the sauce wonderful.

The only downside is you want more sauce.

Maybe it is a bit dry due to the double cooking.

In the future, we’ll happily go back and get this freshly made.

The Rating: Pepperoni Pizza


Nana’s Bakery & Pizza

Address: 32 Williams Ave, Mystic, CT 06355
Hours: Open everyday 7am to 8pm