E&D Pizza Company in Avon boasts a world-class pizza maker, setting high expectations for their pizzas.

Let’s see.

If they are going to give their name to a pizza, that is the pizza to try.

E&D Special

The E&D Special comes loaded with bacon, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and peppers.

The toppings are generously applied and meld well together, providing a satisfying bite every time.

While the dough boasts a nice crispness and the toppings are flavorful, the cheese quality is just okay.

It is really just pizza, nothing amazing.

It is a very good pizza but doesn’t quite reach the extraordinary levels one might expect from a world-best pizza maker.

The Rating:


Despite the high accolades, E&D Pizza Company delivers a solid but standard pizza experience that might not transcend the usual expectations but still satisfies the pizza cravings.

E&D Pizza Company

Address: 200 W Main St, Avon, CT 06001
Hours: Sunday 11am to 8pm
Monday through Thursday 11am to 9pm
Friday 11am to 10pm
Saturday 11am to 9pm

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