On the search for the best burrito in Connecticut brings us to the Connecticut Mexican food truck Green Grunion in Danbury.

Green grunion with the menu conveniently located in this photo.

Since moving to CT from Southern California, we’ve been looking for some top-quality tacos and burritos.

Rumor has it this truck has what we’re looking for.

We tried two burritos, the Cali burrito and the Pollo burrito.

Cali Burrito

The Cali burrito has steak, guac, pico, crema, and french fries inside the burrito.

It tastes like it sounds.


The fries inside seem more like an unnecessary filler than something to genuinely bring up the flavor.

The beef has a very good marinated flavor, but there isn’t much of it.

Overall, really good, but missing something.

The Review: Cali burrito


Pollo burrito

This chicken burrito has a lot of adobo flavor.

It’s exceptionally cheesy, with moist chicken with nice crisp edges.

There is a surprising amount of raw onion flavor, but that gets pushed to the back once you incorporate their hot sauces.

Overall, the greater representation of chicken and the cheese help edge out this burrito as the better of the two.

look at all that adobo-y runoff from the juicy chicken.

The Rating: Pollo burrito


The recommendation:

This place knows how to marinate their meats. take advantage of that when choosing, and use their hot sauces. The burritos are missing something. Could be cilantro, beans, or any number of things. But while these burritos are excellent, there is something that could be added. Luckily, this food truck travels on weekends sometimes, so we can experiment.


Green Grunion

Address: 100 Mill Plain Rd, Danbury, CT 06811
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 10am – 2pm
Phone: (858) 926-6263