On the search for the best wings in Connecticut brought us to Dew Drop Inn in Derby where we interestingly found maybe the best pretzels in Connecticut completely by accident.

Outside frim Main - Picture of Dew Drop Inn, Derby - Tripadvisor

Dew Drop Inn, in Derby, sits right at the intersection of a “main” road and what seems like a service road. The restaurant feels in every way a place you would get amazing bar food.

It’s no wonder they are known for their wings. But wings on a bar-food menu isn’t everything.

There are always other foods.

This is where the pretzel bites come in.

We ordered them as something else to eat other than large quantities of chicken meat.

They were amazing.

First, they are covered in what I can only describe as sugar butter.

So buttery and sweet it almost tastes caramelized.

Next, the cheese sauce.

The cheese sauce is more watery and thinner than other cheese sauces.

This means it doesn’t stick to the pretzel in the same gobby way other cheese sauces would.

What it does do, however, is soak into the bread (once you take a bite), adding even more flavor.

My only complaint would be they weren’t as salted as I would have liked. Though the large crystals you can see in the picture, the salt gets a bit lost in the sugar butter.

The rating:

Imagine yourself in Germany and someone suggests you get pretzels for dessert. That’s what these are.



Address: 25 North Ave, Derby, CT 06418

Phone: (203) 735-7757