Trying to find great prime rib in Connecticut can be tough.

Some places don’t make it everyday, being only a weekend special.

Even steakhouses don’t necessarily make it everyday.

But Sans-Souci Restaurant in Meriden is known for it.

But we also tried the

Mozzarella en Carrozza

This is basically a very weird fried mozz.

It’s weird.

The mozzarella isn’t the best quality, nowhere near quality Buffalo but not quite polly-o either.

The breading is like a very thin bread.

Very doughy.

Overall, a disappointing start.

The Rating: Mozzarella en Carrozza


Prime Rib

First thing to remember: fat is where the flavor is.

And the prime rib here is very fatty.

The outer shell of the prime rib has a nice seasoning but is very light.

The whole thing is good.

A little tougher than perfect.

A little under salted/under seasoned.

But very nice.

The Rating: Prime Rib


Sans-Souci Restaurant

Address: 2003 North Broad St. Meriden, CT 06450


Sunday 3pm-8pm

Closed Monday

Tuesday – Thursday 11:45am-9pm but closed 2-5

Friday 11:45am-9pm but closed 2-4:30

Saturday 4:30pm-9pm


(203) 369-1777