When you’re hunting for the best Latin food in Hartford, you’ve got to check out Aurora’s. Tucked away on Capitol Ave, this spot delivers a punch of flavor in every bite. Here, we discovered one of the best burritos in Connecticut!

Churrasco Wrap
The meat is good, and those grilled scallions add a fantastic kick.

But it’s missing something.

Maybe a spicy sauce or an extra kick of flavor.

The cabbage can get dry when you don’t have meat in the bite.

Still, it’s good enough to come back for.

The Rating: Churrasco Wrap


Pulled Beef Burrito
The Pulled Beef Burrito.

This thing is excellent.

Packed with flavor.

The beef is just right. Not dry, not wet.

The tortilla is griddled and tasty.

Everything about this is great.

The Rating: Pulled Beef Burrito


Then there are the Plantains.

They’re super sweet, super soft.

Caramelized edges that make your taste buds sing.

These are great.

whatever you end up getting, make these your side.

The Rating: Sweet Plantains


And don’t even get me started on their fresh hot sauce. It’s spicy, like super sharp, and very nice.

Aurora’s is a hidden gem with flavors that’ll make you want to return. Next time you’re in Hartford, make sure to swing by.

Aurora’s Restaurant
Address: 399 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106
Hours: Sunday: Closed
Monday through Thursday: 7am to 5pm
Friday & Saturday: 7am to 7pm

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