On the search for the best BBQ in Connecticut brings us to Ricky D’s Rib Shack in New Haven.

I thought I had found the best ribs in CT before, but I was wrong.

Came to Ricky D’s looking for BBQ in general, but when a place calls itself a ‘rib shack’, you have to focus on the ribs.

And damn.

These have to be the most perfectly cooked ribs I have tasted in CT.

Everything is right with them.

Not fall-off-the-bone, but tender and easily pulled apart.

The only minor complaint here is the sauce is very sweet.

There is an odd smoke flavor to them as well I can’t place, but am happy to keep coming back and trying.

Not traditional smoke but not easy liquid smoke either.

It doesn’t really matter.

These are just wonderful ribs.

The Rating:


Ricky D’s Rib Shack

Address: 302 Winchester Ave, New Haven, CT 06511
Hours: Sunday Closed
Monday to Saturday 11am to 8pm