On the search for the best BBQ in Connecticut brings us to The Portly Pig in Hartford.

This place, located in the Parkville Market, fancies itself as bringing ‘New England Style’ BBQ to us.

Yet, all their meats and styles are a variety of BBQ traditions.

So I was skeptical, especially considering ‘New England BBQ’ would look more like Venison and Turkey than pulled pork and Brisket.

But we always need to try new things.

So we went with the sausage, the Brisket, and, hesitantly, the ribs.


You can call this a smoked sausage all you want, I know a Garlic Kielbasa when I taste it.

There isn’t much smoke flavor at all.

This combination bodes poorly for what is to come.

The Rating: Sausage



Next we tried the Brisket.

You can only get it in platters or in half pound forms (no quarter pounds).

So it can be hard to try.

Luckily, they have sliders for $4.

The brisket is cooked wonderfully.

The bark is very nice, even if it is a bit underflavored.

But in a way, that’s good. You really get a chance to taste the meat here.

And the meat is really good.

The Rating: Brisket


Pork Ribs

Emboldened by the very good brisket, there was the possibility the ribs would be good.

I’ve said before CT needs to up its ribs game.

Most places have ribs that are either cooked too high and get stringy, or are soggy.

Not here.

The coating to the ribs is sticky and crunchy, almost like a candied coating.

The meat is perfectly juicy.

The ribs are good on their own, and can be improved with one of the sauces (Hickory, for me).

It’s about time.

I’ve been waiting for ribs like this to be found in CT.

I’ll go so far as to say they are the best ribs in Connecticut.

The Rating: Pork Ribs


The Portly Pig BBQ and Catering

Address: 1400 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106

Open Tuesday – Sunday at 11