I’ve been looking long and hard for some good Filipino food in Connecticut. Can it be found at Kayumangi?

The food at this grocery store is buffet-style, with the people there serving your food.

To be honest, none of what was offered seemed particularly good looking.

Normally the rolls (egg rolls, spring rolls) at Filipino places can be amazing, so we have to try those.

Otherwise, we asked for a recommendation, which was the Chicken in Soy and Vinegar.

Chicken in Soy and Vinegar

Honestly, I took about a half dozen photos of this and none of it looked good.

It is chicken in a black sauce.

The chicken has lots of ground bone bits in it that get in the way of eating it.

The sauce is super strong vinegar.

Basically, unless that sounds exactly wat you are looking for, the disc is borderline inedible.

The Rating: Chicken in Soy and Vinegar


Okay, on to the rolls.

The downside here is that they are sitting in a warming tray for quite a while by the time you get them.

So any crispiness to the shells is often long-gone unless you can get them right as they come out.

They had two kinds available, a pork roll and a vegetable spring roll.

Pork Roll

The inside is mostly entirely ground pork.

The flavor is heavy on clove and anise.

Because of the warming tray, it’s chewy instead of crispy.

Overall, not bad.

The Rating: Pork Roll


Vegetable Spring Roll 

Heavy vegetables in this these rolls.

Dominated by the flavor of peas and celery.

Overall, it’s not bad as well.

The outer is a little crispier (possibly fresher when I got them) with that same chewy insides.
The Rating: Vegetable Spring Roll



Address: 69 N Turnpike Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492
Hours: Open Monday – Saturday: 10AM–7PM