It’s that Oktoberfest time of year! On to some German food at the famous East Side Restaurant in New Britain.

There’s a feeling here that is almost, homey.

It doesn’t feel like a normal restaurant, but something different.

Like a mix of old-world steakhouse and local eatery, with a homesick feeling.

When you first sit down they give you a German coleslaw, which is mild and nice.
Gian Bavarian Pretzel

The pretzel is insanely large, and completely overly salted.

Now I’m always one for salt, but this it too much.

The crust is good, but too salty.

No beer cheese in sight, but plenty of mustard.

The Rating: Giant Bavarian Pretzel


German potato pancakes

You often hear about starchy things being glutinous. Ever wonder what it means?

These potato pancakes are glutinous.

They are sticky, like an adhesive has been added.

They aren’t as crispy as you hope for either.

Not a lot of flavor outside of the deep frying, but that’s nice.

The Rating: German Potato Pancakes


Sausage sampler

This is it!

Everything is good.

Knockwurst, Bratwurst, and a “German sausage”.

Each sausage is nice and thick.

Even the gravy and onions/kraut are tasty.

If you are here, you can’t miss this.

The Rating: Wurst Sampler


East Side Restaurant

Address: 131 Dwight St, New Britain, CT 06051
Hours: Sunday 12om to 6pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday to Friday 4:30pm to 8:30pm
Saturday 12pm to 8:30pm