With the closing of Adolph’s in Hartford, where can one go to for homemade sausages and Kielbasas? Let’s try Noacks Meat products in Meriden.

Since stopping here on a whim, we didn’t have a cold storage container so had to stick with smokes sausages.
Landjaeger (left in picture)

This is just beef Jerkey.

Tough, leathery exterior with a really fatty interior.

The dominant flavor is generic smoke.

Overall, fat and smoke with little else flavor.

So not wonderful.

The Rating: Landjaeger


Dark Cabanosz (middle in picture)

This is kielbasa that is triple smoked.

This makes the exterior leathery.

Unsurprisingly, the dominant flavor is smoke.

There is some garlic flavor to it, but in general it’s smoke.

Garlic and smoke.

The Rating: Dark Cabanosz


Light Cabanasz 

Bringing down the smoke one level this is double smoked kielbasa.

Now you can actually start tasting the meat.

Theere is a pork flavor that is somewhat neutral.

The meat itself is softer and less leathery.

The problem is with only two smokings it tastes more like gas than it does smoke.

Overall, not bad.

Pork and gas.

The Rating: Light Cabanasz 


The Recommendation:

Pick your poison.

Fat and Smoke, Garlic and Smoke, or Pork and Gas.

Noacks Meat Products

Address: 1112 E Main St, Meriden, CT 06450
Hours: Open Tuesday – Saturday at 8am