On the search for the best french fries in Connecticut brings (back) to BIRDCODE in West Hartford.

I think one thing we all as civilized people can agree on is that crinkle cut fries are garbage.

The crisp on the outside is barely non-existent and performs poorly when compared to the amount of potato.

Hell, steak fries are better than crinkle cut fries.

So imagine my shock when I find some of the best fries in CT (so far) are crinkle cut fries!

The Shake Fries at BIRDCODE are their crinkle cut fries but then covered in their spicy spice blend.

A lot of cayenne, some brown sugar, probably some paprika, and lots of wonderful flavors.

Being crinkle-cut fries means these get soggy fast (because crinkle cut fries are the worst fry out there), so you have to eat them fast.

When paired with their comeback sauce, these fries are astounding.

True, the regular fries without the shake spice are boring and uninteresting.

But imagine saying that about any other food: “Sure, the wings here are good, but imagine them without their sauce”.


Get the shake fries, they deserve their own post.

The rating:

Despite being crinkle cut fries, the Shake Fries with comeback sauce at BIRDCODE are excellent. Just be warned if you get the hot chicken sando (as you should), these fires offer no relief.



Address: 120 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

Order: https://order.eatbirdcode.com/

Phone: (860) 206-1971