It is always great to see Connecticut restaurants recognized on the national scale.

Recently, The Shipwright’s Daughter in Mystic is up for a very prestigious award.

Is it worth it?

We went with a big party so everyone could try a lot of foods.

It turns out, what Shipwright’s Daughter supposedly does best is their breakfast.

Everything, however, was disappointing.

Not bad, mind you, just certainly not worthy of awards.

I was only able to really try a few foods, but asked the waitress for what are “can’t miss” dishes and went with those

Let’s see.

Dark Chocolate
This is supposed to be a mocha: Espresso, Mocha Syrup, Steamed Whole Milk.

Disappointing for a coffee drink, lacking sweetness and depth.

In fact, there really wasn’t much too it.

The espresso was watery, the mocha was more bitter, and the milk was thin.

The Rating: Dark Chocolate


Sausage and Hash Browns
This came with a main dish, and was billed as homemade sausage.

The sausage is overwhelmingly flavored with sage and slightly dry, while the hash brown is somewhat soggy.

Basically, everything has a large amount of extra herbs, which dominates their flavor.

Still, it’s a cut above your standard breakfast fare, but nothing great.

The Rating: Sausage and Hash Browns


French Toast with Rosemary Apples
This is THE breakfast/brunch dish to get.

Really the place Shipwright’s Daughter should stand out.

The apples are decent, though the heavy rosemary might not be to everyone’s liking.

The French toast itself is a bit too thick and slightly burnt but redeems itself when soaked in syrup.

It’s fine.

The Rating: French Toast with Rosemary Apples


Despite Shipwright’s Daughter’s accolades, the breakfast experience proves to be good, yet not extraordinary. The offerings, while decent, don’t live up to the hype surrounding this James Beard Award nominee.

You can’t just throw lots of herbs on food and waltz to victory. Maybe dinner is better?

The Shipwright’s Daughter
Address: 20 E Main St, Mystic, CT 06355
Hours: Sunday: 8am to 9pm
Monday to Friday: 8am to 10am, 5pm to 9pm
Saturday: 8am to 10pm


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