Sushi Red in Plainville is supposedly home to some great sushi.

So, naturally, we have to verify that.

Eel Avocado Spring Roll

This place has a section of their menu dedicated to ‘Spring Rolls’, which don’t mean what you think they mean.

I couldn’t get a clear answer on what they meant, so tried the Eel Avocado.

The rice in all of the rolls is almost al dente.

Here, there is barely any fish, and only tiny slivers of avocado.

Really, it’s a rice roll with some sauce on top.

The Rating: Eel Avocado Spring Roll


Shrimp Tempura Roll

Here is where you start to notice that all of the rolls are oddly sweet.

Like the season their sushi rice with a bit too much sugar.

It becomes noticeable.

This roll has some decently meaty shrimp, but again what you mostly taste is sweet al dente rice.

The Rating: Shrimp Tempura Roll


Lady in Red Roll

Okay, some of the other rolls are a bit too rice heavy.

So let’s go big.

To get some actual fish in our sushi.

The lady in red roll is spicy tuna inside and tuna on top.

The insides of this roll, the spicy tuna, is very meaty and chunky.

There is a nice spice to it as well.

The tuna on top, however, actually detracts from the roll.

That pink color is from gassing the fish, so you’re not quite sure how fresh it is (most tuna in its natural state is a deep maroon).

The tuna on top is also extremely lean, and not as flavorful as you’d hope.

Overall, getting there but not quite.

The Rating: Lady in Red Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll

We tried some other rolls that I won’t mention (e.g, salmon roll), that is more of the same problem.

Not enough fish.

Too much al dente rice.

But the one we settled on being the best is actually the simple spicy tuna roll.

Compared to the other rolls, this had more filling than rice.

The rice is still weirdly sweet and weirdly al dente.

But at least you get the fullness of the chunky spicy tuna filling.

The insides are still oddly chewy, and I believe its because they mix rice in to their spicy tuna mixture.

Meaning, you have to really like sweet al dente rice to love this place.

The Rating: Spicy Tuna Roll


The Reccomendation:

Honestly, I’m not sure I can recommend this place as something worth trying.

The sweet al dente rice is seemingly in everything.

The gassed fish makes me skeptical of sashimi.

It won’t be hard to find better sushi in CT.

Sushi Red

Address: 450 East St, Plainville, CT 06062
Hours: Open Monday – Saturday 11am-9pm