I like seasonal bucket lists.

They are a list of things you can and should focus on doing in a given season.

I mostly use them for inspiration, because they help give you ideas.

I have never found a good one for Spring.

Every Spring Bucket list is either full of things that you can and should be doing every season (like “Read a Book!”) or filled with complete bullshit things that don’t make any sense for the season (like: “Dye Your Hair!”).

What crap.

So we’ve decided to make a Spring Bucket List.

It will be formatted like other seasonal Bucket Lists out there, mixed with both big ideas and more specific details.

We will be updating it as soon as we find more things that are worthwhile, fun, and not something like “spread mud on your face!” (seriously).

generic spring photo created with Dall-E

So here we go: the best Spring Bucket List.

Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in 2 years, maybe even 1 year

You aren’t going to wear them. You won’t. If they don’t fit anymore, they will likely be out of style by the time you get back down to that weight. Just git rid of it. One method we’ve used is to take anything hanging up and turn it backwards. Then, if you wear it, turn it back around forward. After 1 year, everything still backwards you didn’t wear. Get rid of it. Donate it to a shelter.

Plant Something and Let it Grow

Spring is the time to plant something. Vegetables, flowers, even fruit if you can. If you have access to an outdoor area to plant, you can build a box, or set out some space. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, you can get one of those indoor hydroponic plant growing systems with the light and pods. No excuses. Grow something; food, flowers, herbs. Here is a calendar of when to plant what.

Go to the Aquarium

Best for early spring, as it generally hits that shoulder between winter and spring. Cold-weather animals are more comfortable outside, and you can go inside if the weather turns to rain. CT has the Mystic Aquarium, the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, maybe some others.

Go to an Open Mic of some sort (you don’t need to perform)

Open mics are weird. Sometimes you see someone good, but most of the time its people with minimal talent, having fun and following their dreams. Its inspiring, provided you manage your expectations. Open mic music performances, stand up, spoken word poetry. Try something new.

Go on a Tour to Find the Best Breweries in your Area

The craft brewery explosion is far behind us, but we’ve been left with a bunch of good breweries. Go find them. Make it a tour one day where you try a few of them. Don’t forget to eat and don’t drive drunk.

Go on a hike to see a waterfall

Melting snow and increased rain makes for waterfalls to be fuller. It doesn’t matter if its a little waterfall or something huge. Go on a hike and see a waterfall. Here is a link to all hiking trails in CT, where you can filter by whether they have a waterfall, distance, difficulty, and what not (and can search in other states too).

Go to a Professional Soccer match

Even if soccer isn’t your sport, we have a professional soccer team here in CT (the Hartford Athletic). Check out their springtime schedule, and check them out before it gets too hot.

professional soccer match while on a hike to see a waterfall? Yes

Learn how to Ride Something

Don’t know how to ride a bike? Go learn. Know how to ride a bike? Learn how to ride a motorcycle or horse. Know how to ride all of them? Sign up for a lesson in how to ride better (e.g. learn tricks or advanced riding). Summer is too hot to do this, spring is the time.

Go to the Zoo

Outdoors, plants and flowers are budding, and it’s not too hot? Spring is the time to go. CT has the Beardsley Zoo. Check it out in Spring.

Have a Lunch Picnic

Spring is the right time to have a lunch picnic. Summer is too hot for midday, so you end up hiding in the shade or waiting until dinner (which is fun to do). But lunch picnic? That’s spring right there. Grab a blanket, make a basket, and enjoy the growing warmth spring brings.

Find the Best BBQ in your Area

Spring is the best time for BBQ. All seasons are great, but there is something about the warmth but not the heat of summer. We’ve got you covered here for all CT BBQ we’ve tried so far, and the yearly-updated list with the best BBQ in CT.

BBQ meats at a farmers market? Sounds like spring

Go to Opening Day for a Baseball team

Opening Day at a ballpark is a springtime tradition. Even if you don’t like baseball, this is a fun outing. CT has the Yardgoats, whose season opener happens in early April.

Participate in an Easter Egg Hunt

You don’t have to be religious for this. In fact, it’s more fun if you aren’t religious. Go find a public Easter Egg hunt (for adults or kids if you have them), bring a basket, and go wild. Search for public Easter Egg hunt and add for adults or for kids, depending what you are looking for.

Eat in a restaurant in a park

Flowers, plants, you get the idea. Some parks have restaurants in them, although they tend to be on the rarer side in CT. We have the Pond House Cafe in Hartford. Make a reservation and enjoy dining outside again.

Go to a Farmer’s Market

Some places have the luxury of farmer’s markets year-round. Not really CT. But since winter has thawed, its now time to start shopping at Farmer’s markets again. Here is one of many helpful calendars.

Smell the Flowers

Cheesy, but every once in a while it is nice to actually stop at a bush and inhale deeply. The smell of flowers is wonderful, and it is always nice to remind ourselves of the beautiful parts of nature.

Go to a Public Park

Obvious one here. Spring flowers, flower events, flower carnivals. All sorts of things happen i parks in spring. Lookup events at your local public parks.

Host or go to a Cinco de Mayo party

Tacos are a springtime food! Host your own Cinco de Mayo party, or go to one, or get together with someone you care about and eat tacos and drink margaritas. Whatever you want to do, have fun with it. We will be spending this spring further refining the best tacos in CT. Here is a list of all we have tried so far.

Host or go to a Kentucky Derby party

Big hats, mint juleps, horse racing. What’s not to like? Dress up, invite some people over, go somewhere, or even just dress fancy, look nice, at home. Whatever it is, the Kentucky Derby is a Springtime staple.

Eating tacos at the Kentucky Derby with the Easter bunny? Spring to me!

Have a tea party

Start by trying some tea that doesn’t come in a bag (not to talk poorly of good old Red Rose). But there are so many types of teas out there. Try a few, make some small bites, dress up, and have a proper tea party (preferably outside).

Buy flowers for someone special or special people

Flowers again, yes; but it is spring. Buy someone special flowers. It can be a significant other, someone you want to know better, a friend, even people you work with. If the two of you are sexually compatible (matched orientation, single status, etc) maybe buy flowers for multiple people at present them at the same time to not send any mixed signals.

Go ride a Rollercoaster

This normally occurs on summer bucket lists. But in summer students are out of school and standing in line in the blazing heat sucks. Rearrange the script a bit and go to an amusement park in Springtime. CT has Lake Compounce, Quassy, and you can even go up to Six Flags New England.

flowers at a brewery on a rollercoaster? Peak spring. Thank you Dall-E