On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to Taqueria Mexicana in West Haven.

If you were to drive by this spot, you would barely see it; most likely never knowing what was inside.

Taqueria Mexicana is a small store on the side of the road in West Haven.

There is no website, and the menu is mostly pictures of a menu other people have taken.

So we tried some tacos, and were amazed.

Then we had to go back to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, and were so excited we forgot to take more pictures!

So will just have to go back again (and again).

Overall, the tacos are quite good; but one taco in particular stands out.

Let’s see what they have.

Placero taco

Placero tacos are a southern Mexican taco that traditionally is a mishmash of ingredients that changes with what’s available.

Here, the placero taco is a consistent beef with nopales (cactus) and other vegetables.

There are lots of veggies here, peppers, cactus, maybe even potato.

The beef is ground and gets lost in all the flavors.

It’s a little sweet, and a fine taco.

The Rating: Taco Placero


Adobada taco

This type of taco is a marinated pork taco that is later pan fried.

The pork is extremely fatty, almost like an undercooked bacon.

Flavor-wise there is a good mild spiced flavor in there, it is just a little mild.

Then, that mild flavor gets overrun with a heavy onion flavor.

Good, but could be better.

The Rating: Adobada taco


Carnitas taco

More pork, this time slow-cooked and fried on the outside before being shredded.

The pork has an excellent flavor.

It’s juicy and crispy at the same time, which is wonderful.

Here is where we see the downside of double shelling, however.

See, the shells here are a little meh.

And they double them up, which leads to having a shell be very dominant in flavor.

So excellent meat, but you need to get down to one shell to fully appreciate it.

The Rating: Carnitas Taco


Tinga taco

Spicy chicken with a very earthy flavor.

Most likely the spiciness and earthiness is from a large amount of dried peppers (like chipotle).

The chicken itself is a little tough, but has a nice flavor to it.

The Rating: Tinga Taco


Al Pastor taco

Who doesn’t love an al pastor taco?

Nice combination here of sweetness from the pineapple with fattiness from the pork.

The flavors are distinct enough that you really catch both.

The pork is solid while the pineapple pops with sweetness.

Really, really good.

The Rating: al Pastor Taco


But then, there is the star.

Bistec taco (steak)

This taco is amazing.

It’s griddled steak, with charred onions.

It is salty and crispy.

A little cabbage provides a little balance.

But it’s truly amazing.

Probably the best single taco in Connecticut.

The Rating: Bistec Taco (steak)


Taqueria Mexicana

Address: 702 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516
Hours: Open everyday 10am to 10pm