I’ve been hearing a lot about Three Amigos in Manchester.

So we have to try it, right?

The burrito is supposedly the thing to get, but taqueria is in the name.

Trying this place a couple times, you learn something:

Don’t use the online ordering system.

Or call in.

Really, the thing to do is to physically go in and order your food.

Their menu seems to be fluid, and some of what may be their best options are written on a whiteboard.

But until we can put those items to the test, we should look at what they’ve got on their regular menu.

Tacos (carnitas)

Despite what this looks like, the tacos are every plain.

There is a spicy jalapeno fresca you can (and should) add.

They put it on everything.

And it’s good.

But the carnitas meat is mostly flavorless.

This makes for a taco that’s pretty good.

The Rating: Carnitas Taco


Nachos (chicken)

My feelings get hurt when I order nachos and they give me the spreadable nacho cheese you get at baseball stadiums and movie theaters.

Now that’s an odd feeling, because it’s not exactly authentic to get crazy nachos slathered in shredded cheese either.

It’s not an authenticity thing.

It’s an association thing.

The chicken is shredded chicken, which is unfortunately a little flavorless.

The spicy japaleno slaw helps.

And actually, the cheese makes things better, but it’s not evenly distributed.

And not enough of it.

Good, but could be better.

The Rating: Chicken nachos


Burrito (steak)

I made a mistake here listening to someone who freebases habanero peppers for fun.

I got the burrito with habanero salsa.

And it is spicy.

It’s very good, but it can get overpowering.

This is problematic because the steak is actually very good, juicy and well flavored.

But trying to get a handle on the flavors outside of the habanero salsa is tough.

As the habanero salsa, that they don’t skimp on, is real spicy.

Rice and the fresco round out a very good burrito.

The Rating: Steak Burrito


The Recommendation:

Go there. Honestly, they have a little white board that has all their specials and special meats you can put on top or inside anything. That’s probably the way to get their best meats.

Three Amigos Mexican Taqueria

Address: 298 Middle Turnpike W, Manchester, CT 06040
Hours: Open Everyday at 11AM