Tacos. Is there ever a wrong time? This time we try the tacos at the food truck Tacos Santa Fe in New Haven.

All the tacos here are double shelled, but they can’t be pried apart. Meaning you get lots of shell taste.

Taco pollo

Shredded chicken that completely dominates the taco.

There is at least a lot of it.

But the shredded chicken is in an odd sauce.

One that almost makes it taste…sour.

Not great.

The Rating: Tacos Pollo


Taco al pastor

Slow-roasted pork with pineapple.

The pork has good flavor, but the pineapple is not ripe.

This gives the tacos an unpleasant crunch while you eat.

The pork has a good flavor, but that’s about it.

The Rating: Tacos al Pastor


Taco Arabes

Back to pork, this time with caramelized onions.

This is really nice.

The sauce on the pork has a super smoky chipotle quality to it.

Leading to a smoky spiciness.

The caramelized onions add a sweetness that blends very nicely together.

Overall, real solid.

The Rating: Tacos Arabes


Tacos Santa Fe

Address: 192 Forbes Ave, New Haven, CT 06512
Hours: Sunday to Friday 11:30am to 7pm
Saturday Closed