Taco Daddy is Now Out of Business

On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to Taco Daddy in Stamford.


The tacos here are good, nothing great, however. I’ll include a little mini-review of all of them later (tl;dr: meh, not bad).

But first, I want to focus on their BEC taco. This is a bacon, egg, and cheese taco, which should tell you a lot about this place.

First, their tacos are “non-traditional”, meaning if you are looking for proper Mexican- or even So-Cal-type tacos, you will not find them here.

If you are an authenticity snob, you will be disappointed. Even the shells are closer to a mix of paper-thin naan and paper-thin pizza dough.

But this BEC taco is amazing.

First, all of the tacos have fried cilantro sprinkled over them, which I didn’t know I loved until now.

Second, the BEC taco has some wonderful and deeply cheesy eggs, a pitiful strip of bacon (that could be improved), and a smidge of a creamy avocado cream sauce. Then, it is topped with the best ever McDonald’s style hashbrown you may ever eat. The crispiness and saltiness it adds to the whole taco is amazing. We can call it one of the best breakfast sandwiches in CT, or one of the best tacos, I don’t care. But it is excellent.



The Recommendation: get the BEC taco for any breakfast or brunch option you have.

Address: 121 Towne St Suite 2, Stamford, CT 06902

Hours: Everyday 10:30AM – Midnight

Phone: (203) 541-5770