Venturing into Tacos mi Nacho in Southington, let’s break down their taco lineup.

Pollo Taco
The chicken is cooked well but lacks flavor.

It really relies on salsa for any taste.

The Rating: Pollo Taco


Barbacoa Taco
The beef’s flavor is decent, but the earthy sauce overshadows it.

The sauce is just a bit too intense.

The Rating: Barbacoa Taco


Al Pastor Taco

Disappointingly light on both pineapple and pork flavor.

The texture leans more towards chewy than anything else, which isn’t great.
The Rating: Al Pastor Taco


Cochinita Taco

Pulled pork with a promising good flavor.

The problem is there is so little pork the taco just doesn’t satisfy.

The Rating: Cochinita Taco


Carne Azada Taco [their spelling]
This taco shows improvement with nicely grilled beef.

It is very simple, with little embellishment or other flavors.

The Rating: Carne Azada Taco [their spelling]


While Tacos mi Nacho presents a varied taco menu, the offerings somewhat miss the mark in delivering memorable flavors across the board. The tacos are simple and straightforward.

Tacos mi Nacho Southington

Address: 1796 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike Rd, Milldale, CT 06467
Hours: Sunday 8am to 8pm
Monday through Thursday 11am to 9pm
Friday 11am to 10pm
Saturday 8am to 10pm

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