On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to Tacos el Azteca in Norwalk.

Tacos El Azteca serves up authentic Mexican food on the road – Inklings News
picture stolen from online because mine is too fuzzy (even fuzzier than this).

This unassuming taco truck located in the parking lot of an auto body shop helps brings tacos to CT.

The best of the three is by far the shrimp taco. But we also tried the chicken taco and my often favorite al pastor taco. We’ll describe them all here.

Chicken” taco

I will assume that what I got was a chicken taco.

It’s certainly what I asked for, and nothing else sounds like “chicken” on the menu, but it doesn’t look or taste like chicken.

So I’ll just review it from what it is, and if you see something like it not labeled chicken, that’s what I’m talking about.

The sauce here is a faint chipotle sauce, mostly without any spice.

It is also covered in radish or jicama.

It’s not bad, but it’s no great treasure either.

The rating: chicken taco


al pastor taco

This taco is solid. That’s just the best word for it.

The meat is solid, not too sweet not too spicy.

The cilantro helps a lot in this taco as well.

Weirdly missing any pineapple.

The rating: al pastor taco


Shrimp taco

This is where this place starts to shine.

The point of a taco is to really taste the meat (or dominant filling, for the vegetarians among us).

The shrimp in the taco has a mild shrimp taste, faint but present.

The taco also has a mild ancho taste.

The tomatoes also add a burst of flavor.

I’m not overly fond of raw tomatoes, but thye actually work very well in this taco.

The rating: shrimp taco



Address: 94 Main St, Norwalk, CT 06851
Open Daily 10:30am-9pm

Phone: (203) 957-2029