On the search for the best tacos in Connecticut brings us to El Camion in Woodbury.

First thing about these tacos is that all of them are covered in coleslaw.

Not some lime-infused jalapeno coleslaw. But bring to your friends cookout when you don’t really want to impress, coleslaw.

Which is a little weird.

It also has the unfortunate consequence of making the tacos all taste mostly the same.

Also, the coleslaw has huge chunks of cabbage in it, which isn’t the best.

Each taco also comes with sour cream, which makes them all taste even more similar.

Again, the main flavor in a bite of taco should be the meat. That’s not what you get here.

Steak taco:

The flank steak is marinated and comes with large chunks of meat.

But the overwhelming flavor here is sourness.

It could be that the marinade uses too much orange and lime.

It could be from the tomatillo salsa.

It could be the vinegar in the salsa.

It’s probably all 3.

But whatever it is, the taco overall is far too sour.

The rating:


Chicken taco:

Sour again!

This time the sourness is from the lime in the chicken marinade and the pico added in.

Plus, of course, the coleslaw.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lime. But the sourness is not just lime flavor.

Also, the chicken is dry.

The rating:


Pork taco:

The best of the bunch, the pork taco has shredded pork with a pineapple salsa.

Here, the pork is sweet and juicy.

Also, the pineapple salsa adds a layer of sweetness that finally offsets the sourness everywhere.

The only downside is the sweet flavor of the pork and pineapple is only hinted at.

There’s just so much coleslaw

The rating:


The recommendation:

Slathered in coleslaw and sour cream, all of these tacos have a fairly uniform and sour flavor to them.

The pork taco is certainly the best of the bunch, so order that with extra pineapple salsa and light coleslaw/sour cream.


Address: 308 Sherman Hill Rd, Woodbury, CT 06798
Closed Mondays

Phone: (203) 405-3008